The Beautiful Nicole from another star

The Beautiful Nicole from another star

Came down to Mother Earth, from far, far, far, far

A spirit walking humbly here, in very human shoes

Easy to forget and be alone and so confused

An actress and a dancer, a champion of the Human Soul,

The Gods applaud her actions, as her story still unfolds

She had many great adventures, some spills, some ups. Some downs.

She made it through the darkest night, as we see her now

She teaches us to brave heart. She shows us how to fly.

This sweet celestial Majesty with shining emerald eyes.

Reminding us that we, too, are jewels, royal as can be.

And all we need to do is remember…..and to be free.

Love is the best answer….kindness her favorite prayer.

Humor, grace, huge courage, her Excalibur to share!

The beautiful Nicole from another star

STEPS IN ALL of who she is, as she blesses who WE are

Gene, Toni and All Souls of Acting For Life

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