International Thank You’s


I have the blessing of being able to reach out to people all over the world.  Those of you who live in other countries, please post here.


  1. Hello Nicole,

    I am Edoardo, an ordinary Businessman from Italy. Please do not think that I am the usual “Pappagallo”, because I am not. I am unique, same as you and these words come from my heart. I have heard of you before, but never ever, would I have thought of meeting you one day. I was struck by the intense look in your beautiful eyes that managed to cut through my soul. This look does not betray your remarkable focus and doubtless years of committed and passionate hard work. Congratulations! Again, the elegance of your gestures makes even the trickiest of exercises look easy and effortless to accomplish. Your perfect body gently sways in a perennial dance. Your beautiful shiny hair matches the twinkle of your smile. Thank you for brightening this gorgeous new day! Wow! If I could I would ask the Universe to Marry You!


  2. Thank YOU, again for your magnificent work.

    Dr. Ali Tahiri

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